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Strenghtening Brains

Ensuring the needed strength in our rising society with an ALPHA midset.


Character Enhancement

Providing all the members with the best theories to WIN.


Modern Theraphy

Dealing with todays trauma with our user friendly methods and therapy.


Personality development

Fulfilling the need of development in our lacked areas of LIFE.


Business and work ethics

Helping all our ALPHAS to attain a strong stature and ways to earn.


Daily dose of motivation

The brand ARJ revolves around the betterment of our community.

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Working To Provide Our ALPHAS With the Best Versions of Their Lives.


Post Covid, Our World has been Changing towards the new and Modern ways of Civilisation. We are here to make sure our Society excels in all of the persisting methodologies of LIFE. 




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Begin Your Journey Of Self Enhancing With ARJ.

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Business And Motivation

Business And Motivation

Capitalising our resources and skills is in itself a skill which we do work with!

Character And Personality

Character And Personality

We confuse these two often but we work with both personalities and characters of our ALPHAS.

Mind training & Therapy

Mind training & Therapy

it is important for us ALPHITES to train our brains as well as treating our subconscious to improve at heart.

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    सकारात्मक विचारों से आप आसानी से चढ़ सकते हैं सफलता की सीढ़ी

    टैलेंट के साथ-साथ सकारात्मक विचारों की जरूरत होती है। नकारात्मक सोच वाले अपनी काबिलियत को करिअर में भुना नहीं सकते लेकिन यदि किसी में टैलेंट थोड़ा कम भी हो लेकिन अगर 

    httpswww.jagran.comjammu-and-kashmirrajouri-abhishek-raj-jain-sait-that-with-positive-thoughts-you-can-easily-climb-the-ladder-of-success-23135245.html (1)

    My Learnings From His Weight Loss Journey.

    Every successful person has a moment in life that defines their journey and success. For some, it is rejection, wise words for some, or just a dream for some others

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    A unique approach to inspire optimism

    Stay positive, keep negativity at bay, embrace optimism are some quotes that everyone uses loosely to motivate others to persist and perform. 

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    One Must understand Body-Mind link

    It is important to understand the link between mind and body to bring about these changes.  When we consistently improve ourselves, we can get rid of any obstructions.


    The new and rising concept of life coaching

    The start-up bug has bitten the Indian youth, and this is a shiny ray of hope for the country and the job market. While entrepreneurship is the hot new wave, it is not new to the country.


    Insightful Thoughts About Money And Success

    Abhishek Raj Jain has strong thoughts about money and success too. His followers, students, and community members believe that Abhishek’s thoughts are immensely insightful.